Publication Committee notice on paper's copyright rules - please check the website.

 "Dear IMIAS researchers, this email is to remind you to be mindful of the research products that you post to public websites, even those specifically designed for academic work like Research Gate and Some of your articles and other research products are subject to copyright rules and laws. We must respect these. Please read the journal rules carefully before posting any full articles or other research products that may be subject to copyright. Here are some helpful reminders:

1) All open-access publications may be posted (e.g. the BMC series)

2) Check your copyright transfer agreement. Some journals allow you to share pre and post print versions of the article, but not the published article itself

3) Check all articles you have posted to public websites to make sure you are not at risk of copyright infringement

4) Always keep in mind that you have co-authors who may not know you have posted the article and may not be comfortable with you doing so. Always let your co-authors know that you are posting articles to a public place.   

Kind regards,

IMIAS publication committee"